Single and Sarcastic with Ann Coulter

Single and ready to mingle, or single and living an empty life of wine and various other alcohols.

Either way, my life is empty man. So empty, but if it’s as full of sarcasm like    Ms. Coulter’s I don’t mind.

People are roasting Ms. Coulter and I really don’t understand why.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not like Ann Coulter. She irritates the living crap out of me. In this instance though, I’m loving the sarcasm. 

Or at least, I hope it’s sarcasm.

Twitter is jumping down the woman’s throat saying that she doesn’t talk for single people.

Well no shit Sherlock. How many deductions did it take to come to that one?

There are times where we letbour dislike for someone cloud our judgement. 

Honestly, I found her tweet hilarious. She was making light of a no-brainer situation.

I think everyone should pay up for kids to a certain degree, even if they’re not yours. Kids are our future. No other way around it. 

I send a salute to Ann Coulter, and a hold the hell on to everyone who overreacted.

Come on guys.


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