The Sound of Music To My Ears

Last night my mom, little brother, and I watched one of my favorite movies.

The Sound of Music

This movie always finds a way to make me cry with joy and give me feelings of hope. I would argue that it’s the greatest romance movie of all time, as far as happy endings are concerned. I guess I should argue my point huh?

Alright first, it’s based on a true story. Well not based it is a true story. All this love and all these beautiful feelings were real. Not for the actors, but in reality. These two people existed and so did the children. THIS REALLY HAPPENED! Sorry, that always hits me in my feels. I’m not shouting to get you to agree, I’m shouting because sometimes I yell when I cry. My heart, *sobs*, it’s so beautiful. I know I keep repeating the same thing over in different words and phrases, my bad. Again though…the story really happened. It wasn’t some thought up book or diary entry. 

Second, the music in it is beautiful. Most if not all Rodger and Hammerstein musicals are classics. They’re overdone in high schools and sung by theater majors for a reason. They’re amazing. Catchy, clever, and the accompaniment is beautiful. Each song breathes an air of…reality? Which is ridiculous because no one breaks out in song for random things like when they’re feeling sad, and they simply need to remember their favorite things. Wait people do actually do that…huh. Alright so there isn’t a whole orchestra around to help you or anyone else sing about their favorite things. I guess the draw is the songs fit into every moment, not draw attention away from it. They highlight what is going on. When Captain Von Trapp and Maria finally admit they love each other, “I Must Have Done Something Goodis perfect. I’m not sure if that’s the actual title, but the lyrics in the song encapsulate how so many people feel when they fall in love. What in the hell did I do to deserve a love like this? 

Third, she brings music back into the home. By she I mean Maria, and she does it in such a beautiful way. She brings the children back to life, and in turn brings their father back to humanity. She gives all of them joy again. When you fall in love with someone they bring joy to your life, whether you needed it or not. You could be completely content and happy, but that person just adds another whole level of beauty. The family pretty much had everything before Maria came along, except joy. 

Fourth, the love came out of nowhere. This woman was a nun and a governess. She never in her wildest dreams thought she would fall in love. It surprised her, as it does most of us. There was no expectation of it, just a woman doing her job. 

Fifth, Maria tried to run from love. Most of us do this because we’re afraid of it and possible rejection. We are afraid of getting hurt. She was all of us. 

Five is all I could think off right now, but I think this five is enough. The movie has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. I guess There’s your six.

No-one will ever change my mind that this is the greatest romance movie of allllllll time. 

For me, it always will be. It gives me hope for things to come, but in a realistic way. 


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