Relate To Me

The Prompt That Started It All

Since the dawn of…my birth I have been mixed. It was inevitable for me to be. I mean you put together my black father and my also mixed mother you get, me. My mother was the first black person in the family. Which if you saw my grandmother…you’d wonder how in the hell she got with my grandfather in the first place?

So my Hungarian grandmother, got with my Geechie grandfather, and made my mom. Who then got with my dad and made me.

I’m mixed. I thought I would just say that again, cause I love it. 

Problem is I try to relate to every fiber of who I am with ither in my communities to get shooed away. 

Some white folks rely on the one drop rule to defame my character and worth as a human being. Some black folks tell me I act white and that dating white guys makes me white. 

Because being black is apparently a monolith. Being white is also apparently a monolith. 

I embrace my Hungarian roots cause, they’re awesome. I’d like to get a Hungarian flag tattoo or one of Hungarian folk art flowers/motifs. My family is dysfunctional and beautiful. 

I embrace my Cherokee roots. I’d like to find out just how much I am. I want to know more about my ancestry and the way of the Cherokee.

I embrace my Geechie side. They are a beautiful and defiant people. They reside in the Carolinas and other parts of the south. They have land that is staked as theirs. If I can prove my heritage I could gain land of my own, and live among my people. 

I embrace my black side, I don’t kmow what the rest of my blackity blackness is derived from. It doesn’t matter, I love it. The strength, the melanin, the resilience, and the beauty. 

Every group I mentioned are my people, whether they accept me or not. I am theirs and they are mine. We are one in this crazy world.

Thing is, I relate to all these things while everyone else doesn’t relate to me. I relate to them whether others like it or not. I’m an other checkmark on a test. I am not a category. I am a representation of all that I am because what I am, is not a monolith.

I relate to who I am, you don’t have to. 

I know there are other mixed men, women, and children in the world who can relate to what I am saying.

You are not alone loved one. 


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