Star Wars: The Last Jedi, No Spoilers

I have had a few people ask me to review the latest Star Wars without spoilers. It’s difficult as all hell to do, but if I can do it for them I can do it now.

Thing is, this movie is getting a lot of mixed reviews. Critics love it, but fans…not so much. I haven’t really researched why people don’t like it yet, I’ve just heard that they don’t. Honestly, at this stage, I don’t want to know. I want to keep my opinions pure first. Then I let their negative bs sully my opinion later if there’s merit to their reviews. For now here’s what I think.

Not that you care.

The latest in the current Star Wars timeline franchise was awesome. The end.


Let’s start with the return of one of the most badass Jedis known to geek man, woman, and child. Luke Skywalker. We all figured by the end of the last one, Luke would end up being some kind of mentor to Rey. It even hinted towards it with certain parts of the trailers we got to see. All I can say, don’t chalk up Luke to just some mentor. They complicate his character and make him more…human. They may take your whole “Luke is a savior” ideas and switch them around. I loved the fact they did that. It made the story so much more interesting. He didn’t fall into a cliche.

Fin got a storyline all his own in the film. It was sweet. His character became more developed, and you saw more into who he was. He also appeared more human.

Most of the time with these characters we turn them into these grand heroes and saviors. What I love that this film did, was it showed humanity in every character. It brought out the dark sides of people, pun intended.

Characters who you thought were already leaders, were put in their place. They were brought down to Earth…well not literally…cause…Earth…no.

The tension between Rey and Kylo is palpable, mother effin palpable. It’s fantastic. I will say Rey seems to stay…static. Her character actually seems like the least developed in the film, and she’s the “main” focus. I would venture to guess it’s because she was depended so heavily upon in the last film.

Kylo’s character is still conflicted and still as much of a badass as he was before.

The absolute pull between Kylo and Rey will absolutely make future films great…if they’re both still alive by the end. You don’t know if they are, I do. Better go see the movie.

Carrie Fisher may she rest in peace, was dope. Princess Leia showed up in full effect as always. Don’t count her out of the film because of the lovely actresses untimely death.

The future of these films is bright. Mark Hamill was a beast as always, I am biased because he has voiced the Joker for decades. Look it up. That man has been voicing the Joker in video games, shows, and movies. He recently retired a couple years ago. The man is amazing. He and his wife just celebrated an anniversary the other day, go them!

Go see the movie! It’s great. Of course, you may not think so. I’m just giving you my perspective. Gotta see it for yourself to form your own opinions. I’m debating going to see it again just so I can get the full effect of it.

May the force be with you, always.


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