Dear Star Wars Fans…

Y’all must be out of your mother fu-

What the hell are y’all doing writing a petition? A petition to get The Last Jedi striked from the record…seriously?! 

Now you may be asking, why?

Because people are friggin dumb That’s why! Alright, alright, that is not fair.

People are upset because the film apparently does not fit into fan theories about the film. 

So Josh, you’re telling me because the story didn’t fit your imagination…it should be re-filmed? 

Are you out of your mother-

Nope I’m not going to do this. Nope. I’m not. Be nice. Be nice.

Alright, I wrote my own review of the film without spoilers. I loved it. It was a character study. It got in depth about the characters, and that’s where I think Disney lost people.

We’re going to be real here, Star Wars is very surface level. The characters are treated merely as pawns for the story, and it’s easy to turn them into ideological saviors. 

You can’t do that with The Last Jedi. The characters are not saviors. Yes, the film had it’s own faults. Yes the ending you were kind of like…really? 

*Kind Of Spoiler*

For people who are complaining about Luke in the ending ummm…Obi Wan did the same thing. The exact same thing. Think about that. 

*Kind Of Spoiler Over*

Anyways the film was great, and it’s a great start for a new beginning. It sets a new precedent. It’s actually kind of making Star Wars fans into Trekkies. 

Hear me out. Star Trek has been known for in depth character studies and development. Now they’re introducing that to Star Wars, because Disney is smart. 

I’m actually considering watching Star Trek, cause there’s nothing wrong with loving both. Despite what most nerds would say. 

I get why the old nerds may not like this, but they have to consider that there is a whole new generation of nerd. 

Embrace character flaws, because at the end of the day though they are fictional they are humans. They are just like us…but they have the force and spacey things. 

I know some nerd is going to destroy me for saying spacey things. 

I revel in your nerd hate! Bring It! 


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