The Problematic Confederate History

I write this in the hopes of finding understanding and common ground. This can be a touchy subject and if you want to have a discussion with me after reading it, I am all for it.

Let’s talk about the Confederacy, shall we? Recently there has been a lot of talk about the Mississippi state flag. The current flag still displays a Confederate flag within it.

There are a lot of Black people in Mississippi, including my father’s family. My grandmother who was born and raised there is moving back to Mississippi within the next two years.

The conversation about the flag really opened my eyes even more to how damn proud some Southerners are to have a history steeped in racism.

Now that doesn’t mean these people run around and spout the N-word whenever they get the chance. Yet they are celebrating a history based on the owning and degradation of a whole people.

One word which could generally summarize what the Civil War was about is control. Abraham Lincoln needed to control The South. So how does one man, who is the President, control a whole region? You attack or control their economy. Lincoln knew that the South’s economy hinged upon the free labor of slavery.

Full stop. There’s your first problem. A whole entire economy was built on the backs of men, women, and children. Who worked for free, were treated like animals, and broken down from their original culture.

The second problem, people must understand that Abraham Lincoln was not some savior of Black folks. He did not free us for his conscious, he freed us for his power. For his country. This plays into what so many other presidents or leaders have done to advance the country, and diminish or admonish a people. Even when the action is cloaked in some kind of good will, I mean he freed us. We should be grateful right?

So Lincoln knows The South’s economy is dependent upon slaves, so he attempts to get rid of them. The South, in turn, gets pissed. How dare you try to control us right? I mean it’s not like we’re a part of a whole-ass country! Wait.

So The South says they are not going to roll over that easy and decide to make The Confederate States. There ensues a whole war because we won’t give up power by giving up our slaves.

Full stop. Why in the hell do you have slaves in the first place? Why are you willing to have a whole war over keeping them? Do you not see how problematic your line of thinking is?

Quick answers. Free labor is the best, hell yes, and God keeps us thinking clearly.

At this point I imagine Jesus looking around confused.

“When in the home of Satan did I tell y’all to do that?”

I get the whole rebellious I’m not going to have someone tell me what to do attitude, I sadly remember it from when I was a teenager. But to have a whole war so you can continue to have free labor, split families, and rape them is pretty messed up. That’s me putting it nicely.

Confederacy is nothing to be proud of.

Showing a Black person a Confederate Flag is like shoving the Nazi flag in a Jewish person’s face.

The vitriol, power, and support that the aggressors in both of those moments in history had are disgusting. It is absolutely nothing to be proud of.

The pride of The South was put on the backs of my, and other Black people’s ancestors. They made your pride, without us you didn’t have a pot to piss in. You got your pride for free. While you also got to torment, rape, kill, maim, and destroy us.

If that sounds like something to be proud of, then baby doll I have nothing else for you. You might as well move on from my blog.

You fought for pride and power you did not earn. You lost. Move on.


2 thoughts on “The Problematic Confederate History

  1. Thomas Sowell wrote in “Black Rednecks and White Liberals” that in the “Old South” there were free blacks who owned other blacks and a number of free blacks fought on the side of the Confederacy in the Civil War. And don’t forget all the wealth that blacks in Africa got lots of wealth by selling other blacks to slave traders from the Americas and from the Muslim world. Reality is never completely simple, completely black and white.

    I am not proud of the Confederacy. Members of my family fought in the Union Army and helped take it down. But I think we ought the leave the monuments up for one reason. To remember that it was in America that men fought and died to free other men and today a lot of blacks don’t seem to want to thank them for that (at least the white ones). It seems like a lot of blacks want to blame slavery (and seek reparations) from white people who’s family didn’t even come to America til after the Civil War.


    1. “Free” blacks, I put that in quotation marks because they were not free. Any free black man in the South who fought on the side of Confederacy was forced to do so based on his geographical placement among white peers who would lynch and or kill him if he did not. No black man unless otherwise violently coerced would fight to keep other blacks under enslavement. That just sounds ridiculous, it makes no sense. As far as blacks owning slaves, they did exist. But not in the same realm. Native Americans also owned slaves. Again, not in the same realm. Chattel slavery was work of white Americans.

      African slavery is much different than Chattel American slavery. African slave traders believed that the Americans practiced their ways of slavery. Which in their ways, people who were slaves actually had the ability to marry and become full members of tribes. They even had the ability to hold coveted positions in the tribe, if deemed fit to do so. Many African slave traders after learning how slavery was in America, Chattel, stopped trading and actually began to fight against the Americans.

      Chattel slavery is very black and white actually.

      See now I said the Confederacy should be ashamed, I never said anything about the Union. So we’re supposed to thank you for doing what should have been done ages ago? They turned a blind eye to it for years, until Lincoln decided he needed to cut the South down a peg. That makes no sense. The Union never would have done anything. We seek reparations from this country as a whole, not just white people. Just so happens that white people are the ones who founded the country. They founded it on the blood of others, and have reaped its benefits on the backs of others. This country owes. The monuments belong in a museum, not in the public eye. I have no problem with having them, but they belong in museums.

      Jewish people don’t have to look at monuments of Nazis. There are people in Germany who fought for them, after already siding with the Nazis through silence.


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