Some Honesty About Star Wars

So I wrote a non-spoiler review of The Last Jedi about a week ago, as well as addressed the insane nerds who wanted the film stricken from the record.

After talking to a couple people I’ve started to realize that I fell in love with four things about the movie, and forgot about the failings of the rest of it.

Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, Fin, and the cinematography.

*Spoilers From Here On Out*

Luke turns out to be human, and not a savior. Kylo, though he may seem like a punk, becomes a complex villain. The cinematography was…breathtaking. The film was shot pretty well, I must say. Fin, gets a little more to him than just following Rey around like a puppy. Even his purpose in the beginning of the film is all about effin Rey! But insert cliched character who just so happens to be Asian here. Yay for inclusion!

Then you have the plot, which would seem to be centered around Rey from the trailers, but it’s not. If the whole point of the film was about training Rey to get her ready to fight Snoke or Kylo, then it’s a failure. I mean there’s a snippet of a supposed training montage in the trailer.

But that supposed training montage is non-friggin-existent. There is no real training. Rey learns she’s super powerful, goes on a weird trippy adventure like Luke in The Empire Strikes Back, and moves rocks. That’s it, but not in that order. Then she goes to fight Snoke, and save Kylo. She’s going to save someone on The Dark Side…sound familiar? The movie is generally a plot rip off, with minimal execution.

So in terms of an actual story…meh. In terms of character development besides Rey, it’s a go. Even Poe gets some much-needed learning in the movie. So every other character was given a go, except Rey, who is the main friggin character.

In reality, the movie was a failure.  It didn’t stand up to basic story standards. They forgot to develop and move along a key character, the main one. They could have shortened the Fin and Rose casino world adventure a little short to give Rey more time. She seemed like more of an afterthought than a hero. Oh, and Rose is super corny and cliched. But every Star Wars movie has a cliched or corny character. Some of these characters we accept, others we wish would die in a burning fire of their own homeworld…*cough cough* Jar Jar Binks *cough*.

They traded off a great story for great characters, while also ripping off The Empire Strikes Back.

Though one could argue that the mirroring of Rey and Luke between the two films just shows how the old way of training was actually a failure. Cue Yoda showing up and teaching Luke some more logic in the film. Maybe they were trying to say Rey is just as strong as Luke but did it in a terrible way?

Also, can we talk about Laura Dern’s admiral…that chick…no. Let me hide my plan from everyone, even though it might be a good idea just to friggin tell Poe! Then the whole thing with the ship, oi vey. It took about 10 to 15 Rebel runaway ships to get blown up before this woman did a damn thing! Why did it take you so long?!

Princess Leia floating back to the ship…I don’t even know what the hell that was. I mean a great way to fake the audience out with her death, but how in the hell? Was it The Force? I’m confused.

Anyways I give the film a thumbs up for characters sans Rey and the stupidest admiral that ever existed. The plot and story I give thumbs down.

I will say I like it better than Rogue One. That one was just way too cliched for my taste.

Feel free to let me know what you thought of the film, I always love to hear new opinions.

May The Force be with you, even when there’s a terrible plot. I mean, always.


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