Is He Viable?


The last couple of days I have been presented with a rhetoric concerning Donal Trump. While also being a viable host for a sinus infection. Twas amazing I tell you, amazing. I was exuding joy at the chance to use my last two vacation days from last year for being sick. Not mention next week is my last week at my job *insert praise dancing here*. Back to the Trump rhetoric.

The rhetoric asserted that we have no real proof that President Trump is racist. I vehemently was ready to argue that Trump is, in fact, a racist, but found the evidence lacking. Why is it that the media work so hard to prove that he is racist? Wouldn’t it just show in his words and actions? These are the questions I was asked.

At first, I found them troubling because I could not immediately answer them. I couldn’t positively bring up definitive evidence that President Trump is indeed racist.

Then the same person reiterated that Trump used to be widely accepted by the black community. They also asserted that he could not be a racist based on the fact that he has made it so far as a businessman.

At first, I let these arguments wracked my brain and I was perplexed. Why is it the media work so hard to deem this man a devil? Hell, he does it himself, he doesn’t need their help.

I agree that the media hunts after that man, they find any hint of absolutely anything to degrade him. As far as the proof of his racism, sadly I only thought in the realms of Black people. As far as we go, the only thing we definitively have is him saying people on both sides in Charlottesville were good people. There are other subtle hints, like his lack of diversity in his cabinet. Plus the company he keeps does not scream minority friendly. You also have the case of calling football players who knelt SOBs, but is that racist?

Once you step out of the scope of Blacks, then you have Mexicans. This is where I found my evidence. His racist ideology is apparent. Generalizing a whole people to illegals and criminals. Then you have the Muslim ban. Which likens a religion to a people. These are the proof. These things are evident.

Do I believe Trump is racist? Yes, whole heartedly.

As far as his success as a businessman, that makes no sense. It’s like saying that since someone has a Black friend they can’t be racist. You can spend time with Black people, give to them in charity, and even have full blown conversations and still be racist. There are degrees of racism.

Donald Trump fits into one of those degrees. Trump employs Mexicans at Trump Tower but also likens them to criminals. Someone can be widely accepted by the Black community undeservedly. I have seen it time and time again. One White person stands up for one Black person one time, and the internet catches wind of it. Suddenly that one White person is invited to the cookout. You don’t know who this person outside of this one instance, why do they deserve an invite already?

It’s like the case of the young child who posted a bullying video, Keaton Jones, only to find out his mother and father are racists. It’s also alleged he got “bullied” because he was calling other children the N-Word.

One instance of good or fear does not speak of that person’s character. Even people who have moments of hatred can be “good” in the other realms of life. You must see the whole picture. As an instant society, we are quick to make judgments both good and bad.

Trump is a sycophant or brown noser like many other if not all presidents and businessmen before him. He never picks a side, to appease both sides. Though most people would beg to differ with my statement.

My conclusion is that Trumpinsky is indeed a racist, though in some cases it is not blatant and a matter of picking at his words. He fits into a degree of racism. Having ties to the Black community does not excuse anyone of being racist. I know a Black woman married to a White man who will not let her talk about her Jamaican roots. That’s a degree of racism.

I also conclude that the media does tend to go after Trump like a sport. They spur the fire of anger and ire in the hearts of many. Turning it into a fervor of feelings almost as palpable of that of his supporters. Basically, we’re all falling for the same media trap.

The man is uncouth and immensely unfit to be president. He’s embarrassing. His who’s bigger contest with Kim Jong-Un is ridiculous. His speeches are probably written well and then he puts his own idiotic spin on them. His ideas are backward and crude. He’s a businessman through and through. He is not a viable president. He is a viable sexist, racist idiot.

Here’s to hoping he doesn’t get another term. This Trickle Down economics plan he has signed will be his undoing…hopefully.


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