Super Bigly Very Smart: A Little Minded Man That Gets Things Done

For the love of everything is holy, the government can stop playing this elaborate prank on us now! We’re good, really. Just bring Obama back for the third term, seriously. We get it.

We as a country have reached a new level of embarrassment. While Trump seems to be getting things done in office, he also seems to be doing everything in his power to make us look like idiots.

I mean the tax and economic plan are terrible. Another wave of Trickle Down economics that makes no damn sense. He’s also removing precious bits of nature we need in the country. While simultaneously stepping on the toes of minorities. Though he did lower the African America unemployment rate significantly. It was sky high under Obama. The man has done some great things, but then he opens his mouth. While also doing things which benefit rich people, and not everyday people.

His mouth literally ruins every bit of anything good he has done. The other day our president tried to prove he was smart…in a tweet. A mother fu- a tweet. A damn tweet. The media have a field day with him, and he feeds right into it. I mean maybe it’s an elaborate ruse for him? Or maybe he’s just an out of touch businessman. Which makes a lot of sense to me.

Trump’s only sense of reality is that of a spoiled brat. Sure, he’s been bankrupt a couple of times. Being the shrewd businessman he is though, he finds his way right back.

He is running this country like a business. Businesses have no souls, this country does.

Hold on ladies and gentleman, the man is an idiot, but he is getting things done. Just hold on to your hats, and do what you can to keep you and your family safe. Save money because the economy is most likely going to tank. Prepare for the inevitable. I’m assuming the whole healthcare thing will never really get fixed, so prepare for medical costs you never thought you would have. Don’t just keep complaining, prepare yourself. Yelling will do nothing, if you don’t have your own home together.

Because this self-proclaimed genius…might be trying to get us all killed. Or at least weed off us weak ones…the middle class. Cause the ones who work for things and don’t have silver spoons are the weak ones, right?

This is where the newest found sadness comes in our country, an orange haired sycophant. To say people are forlorn about him, is an understatement. Hide you money, hide your wives ladies and gentleman. The orange genius is making a run for America to be great again…when it hasn’t really been great for anyone who isn’t rich and or pale…or doesn’t have a penis.



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