Be Brilliant Against All Odds

In the beginning of the year I was able to find and join multiple support groups, all which are secret. So no names will be used here.

Two of the three groups I joined are amazing, and thriving. I do all I can to continue that thriving nature. As new member I attempt to be an integral part of the community. I want to make people laugh, think, love themselves, and be honest. I want to cultivate growth.

The last group…which contains the people who are closest to me in location is extremely dull. No one posts anything, no one is excited about anything. It’s pretty much a dead zone. Since joining I feel I’ve been met with some resistance. Even the administrator seems a little stand-offish with me. The only thing everyone seems to be excited about is the one trip this group does during the summer. Besides that, there is nothing.

How in the hell is this supposed to be a social or support group, if no one does anything? I won’t stand for it. There needs to be change to foster true growth. The group is going to die without it.

My whole point here ladies and gentleman is no matter where you are or who you are with, let your brilliance shine. Don’t let the resistance or lack of effort by others dull your magnificent light. Be you, and be real.

As a natural introvert, I’m putting myself in somewhat of an awkward position. I’m not doing it just for me, I’m doing it for every other person who joins the group next. I may get met with ignorance, depression, hate, and many other things but I will never stop. My brilliance will not be dulled by the rocks of hate and ignorance.

Be brilliant y’all. Cause honestly, no one else can do it for you.



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