Evoke My Anger


Well ladies and gentleman we may have gotten our definitive proof that Donald Trump is indeed racist. Though I mean, who didn’t think he was in the first place?

Many of the excuses I have heard for Trump’s behavior all link to the same thing, he’s a businessman. Businessmen are often out of touch and incredibly insensitive.

This though, this one is a doozy. To call specific countries sh**holes which are populated by people one would see as minorities in the United States, and then say why don’t we get people from a predominantly white country; I mean that is the most borderline yet overtly racist thing you can say. Norway, really? Of all the places…Norway.

No one has flat out denied he said these things. White House officials are tip toeing around whether or not it was said. Therefore he said it, or he said something along those lines. That’s it. That is what I believe.

Now if you want to argue it from a standpoint that he was still thinking economically and not racially. Norway is generally a pretty nice country. Economically they hold their own. Yet so do other countries in Africa. Don’t let the advertisement of huts, guns, and war fool you. Parts of the African continent thrive. There are countries in Africa that are not war torn and poor. Not every child in Africa is starving.

Haiti is pretty bad, that’s actually kind of understatement. Funny thing is, people still go there for vacations. Apparently there are nice enough parts that people want to go to. There are resorts, just like there are in Jamaica.

Then you have South America, which people tend to travel to all the time. My stepmother lived in Brazil for work for a few years. It’s not some sh**hole.

I’m not appalled he said this, because honestly it’s something I have come to expect him to say. What I am appalled by is the amount of ignorant and hateful people who agree with this orange haired monkey.

The amount of xenophobic and racist comments I have seen hurt every fiber of my being. This is Trump’s America. This is it.

This whole country was founded by immigrants. I have no idea why anyone feels like they could stick their nose up at someone else looking to come to this country. Does no one remember the words that are etched at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty?

The only people who have an inkling of being deserving to be xenophobic are Native Americans. At the end of the day they weren’t, but honestly no one has the right to be xenophobic.

Yeah maybe people come from sh**holes, but they come here looking for opportunities. Oddly enough that’s what the hell America is about. That’s the idea this country was founded on. I don’t know if some of you need a reality-effing-check, but you’re getting one. This country is not some pure staple. This country has blood on its hands. Most of these countries that are sh**holes were made that way from colonization from a-hole countries like ours. Even countries like pure Norway have some kind of ties to screwing over someone else. After countries have been pillaged for everything they have, they are often left in the wake of their new found liberty. Liberty given in a problematic and disastrous way.

So to all you xenophobic racist butt wipes, f**k you. F**k you very much. I mean so very much. How dare you.

Funny thing is you always also tell us Black people to go back to Africa too, in this same wave of racism/ nonsensical xenophobia. WE NEVER WANTED TO LEAVE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Everything was fine and then y’all came along. We were thriving people in Africa, and then here y’all come. You turned us into slaves, and colonized our countries. Then you abandoned them when they were of no use to you, or we just were rebelling too much for your own good. Most countries don’t give up control of colonized countries out of the goodness of their hearts, it’s because their colonies got a little too expensive to handle.

Anyways I’m pissed, if you couldn’t already tell. I’m ranting because of it, so it’s time for me to wrap this up.

I detest hatred born out of ignorance. It makes my skin crawl, it’s completely illogical.


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