The Fervor of Black Panther

Well hello there strangers, well I guess that’s actually my fault.

See I started a new job, and with it came new hours. Said hours are draining, as is the job.

I apologize for my absence, but I have returned! Like the dinosaurs from Jurassic  Park. I have regenerated with blood from a mosquito…that’s plausible right?

Anyways today I am here to talk about Black Panther. Not specifically about the film, but the culture and hype around it.

Black people honestly have never had Black royalty to look up to, besides Hakim from Coming to America. Seriously, usually, we’re either struggling or a criminal. We are usually portrayed by some stereotype that is actually more damaging than reputable.

Black Panther is our chance. Yet at the same time, there is a truth we must recognize. Black Panther the hero was created by a White man, Stan Lee. Which is awesome, it is indeed something that should be applauded. Mr. Lee should not be put on a pedestal though. He is no White Savior my fellow Blerds out there, he knew how to cash in on the climate. Oh and Blerds stands for a Black Nerd. Just heard that one yesterday, I think it’s stupid but yeah. There ya go.

Also all the money for the film…is any of that going back to the community? Hmmm? Or is it going to Marvel and Disney? These corporations are cashing in on the fact that Black sells. You give Black people an image we can aspire to, and we will buy into it wholeheartedly. Simply because we have not had one of such a caliber. A dominant Black cast, with characters that are not damaging. They are real, even in fiction.

So ladies and gentleman, what do we do? We start a revolution in our thought process. We allow this film to build our confidence into a revolution of our own making. We realize that we have power beyond our wildest dreams. We create our own production companies and we create our own heroes.

Black Panther should merely be a beginning. It seems like we are waiting for other people to tell us when we are allowed to celebrate what we are, even with this film. We must continue to be unapologetic in our Blackness. We must celebrate without seeking permission, without waiting for someone else to give us our due time. We must take our due time from them. It is it not given, it is taken. I’m not preaching violence, but I am preaching armament. Arm your minds and your pride in your culture.

Now is the time, for they believe that since they have given us a film this Black fervor will die down. If we allow it to do so, they have won.

Wakanda forever! Blackness forever! We will not let this be the end, it is the beginning, I hope.


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