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Talking To Myself

Conversation   Love is a tricky thing. A thing you have yet to capture. It’s a balance of viewing the faults of another as something you can live with and love. It’s a balance of seeing their charm through their downfallings. It’s not easy. You know this, but it’s been hard. You’ve been with a […]

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Get Comfy, Respectfully

Cozy Being an online dating junkie is interesting, to say the least. Alright, maybe junkie is a harsh way to put it. It’s my primary way of dating since men just don’t seem to approach me these days. Or the men that do approach me are twice my age or approaching me with mediocrity. I […]

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Some Honesty About Star Wars

So I wrote a non-spoiler review of The Last Jedi about a week ago, as well as addressed the insane nerds who wanted the film stricken from the record. After talking to a couple people I’ve started to realize that I fell in love with four things about the movie, and forgot about the failings of […]

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