Rawr, I Mean Hello. 

Once upon a time, a long time ago there was old stuff.

The End.

Just kidding, but seriously there was old stuff back then.

Welcome to the musings, the ramblings, and the ultimate understandings of a twenty-three-year-old mixed girl in this new world! Maybe that should be misunderstandings and not understandings?

Every recent post is on the Recent Rawrings and Grumblings page.

I pray you find a laugh, a word of wisdom, or just words to pass your time here.

I am not always politically correct, but I am always mindful of others. So if you find anything offensive, well that’s just too damn bad. Kidding! Please let me know, leave a comment or send me a scathing email. Either way, your voice will be heard.

I ask for respect the same way I give it. Please be courteous here in the comments and anywhere else my blog name or username appears. If it’s not mine…then get nasty. Again, kidding. Maybe.

I hope you enjoy your reading if you don’t well…you wasted your own damn time. Better luck next time?